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Florida Gators Weekend Open Thread: Seasons in full swing

We're trying something new.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There are too many Florida sports teams — or, at least, there are too many to properly keep up with them all in separate posts on a blog about the Gators on a given weekend in the spring.

Enter the Weekend Open Thread.

Today, Florida's hosting the SunTrust Gator Invitational, the only home men's golf tournament of the season. The Florida lacrosse team hosts Michigan. The softball team plays N.C. State and then Iowa in an afternoon-late afternoon doubleheader. Florida's baseball team looks to win its opening series against Rhode Island in a game that should start right when the second softball game starts. Track athletes are competing at two different meets, the Tyson Invitational and the Iowa State Classic. And Florida's men's basketball will try not to fall under .500 at Texas A&M.

That's just Saturday. Florida's women's basketball team joins men's golf, baseball and softball in action on Sunday, and though that means only four teams will be in action, that's still a hell of a lot.

I won't promise up-to-the-minute updates on everything here, because I, like you, have a life outside of the Internet to live, but I'll be in the comments and sharing cool things, and there will also be an open thread and a recap for the basketball game tonight. But I do want there to be a hub for us to discuss Florida sports — or whatever — on the weekends, and I'm hoping to make this a weekly feature, along with weekend previews on Fridays and reviews on Mondays. (Also, I will probably move this open thread to Fridays starting next week.)

Like? Dislike? Have format changes to suggest? I'm open to hearing them.

But above all else: Go Gators.