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NCAA report on violations by Joker Phillips at Florida to be released; Gators issue statement

I don't expect much to come from this.

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA will release its findings from an investigation into possible violations committed by Florida — and likely by former Florida wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Joker Phillips — Friday afternoon.

Florida's statement on the matter is short, and hints that it is solely related to Phillips:

"We have not received the report yet, but we will receive it later today. However, this is a final resolution to a matter that we dealt with last June regarding one of our former assistant football coaches."

If that is truly the case, it's unlikely Florida will face any significant penalties for whatever violations the NCAA finds. Florida's NCAA compliance record has been so good under Jeremy Foley as to be a point of pride for the university, and the school swiftly cut ties with Phillips — who "resigned" essentially as soon as word of his potential NCAA violations became public — last summer.