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Video: Vernon Hargreaves III has a fantastic highlight tape

And it's missing some big plays.

When I first spotted this four-minute highlight tape of Florida's super-corner Vernon Hargreaves III, I wondered how many picks and big pass break-ups I'd get. Unfortunately, given the 30 seconds of Will Muschamp (rightly) praising VH3 to begin it, the answer is "not as much as I'd hoped for."

But watching this — a dizzying array of incredibly athletic plays in the air, near-psychic breaks on the ball, brilliant use of his eyes and hands to break up sure completions (seriously, pay attention to how many times Hargreaves reads both the quarterback's eyes and the receiver's hand position to make the only play that could break up a pass), and the indomitable will that helps Hargreaves make plays despite being the recipient of uncalled offensive pass interference — I was really most dismayed by this: There were tackles missing.

Remember this one?

Vernon Hargreaves III is a great enough player that one can watch a highlight tape with dozens of big plays and still complain about ones left out.

Enjoy his last year as a Gator. It's gonna go by too fast.