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National Signing Day 2015: Predictions for Florida Gators targets

Florida should come away with a tremendous haul from the 2015 recruiting class. Could Deondre Francois be part of it?

Is FSU commit Deondre Francois on flip watch?
Is FSU commit Deondre Francois on flip watch?
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Three

Byron Cowart

Crystal Ball: Florida

Allgator Army: Florida

Really just gut on a coin-flip decision. Late, late steam has Cowart trending ever so slightly toward Florida, but late steam in January had Cowart trending toward the plains. I won't be surprised either way, but the last word from Armwood product Derek Tyson of ESPN on Armwood product Cowart suggests it's a battle, with Florida pushing harder.

Martez Ivey

Crystal Ball: Florida

Allgator Army: Florida

Nothing I've read or heard on Ivey has ever suggested to me that he's really trying to leave the Sunshine State, even to play at a school that close friend and high school Chandler Cox — an Auburn early enrollee — has been selling him on for months. And Ivey is right to see immediate playing time at Florida.

CeCe Jefferson

Crystal Ball: Florida

Allgator Army: Florida

Here's a challenge for you: After the months of Jefferson flirting with Alabama and Mississippi, try to find mentions of that this week equivalent to the late buzz for Florida. I can't, and so I'm going with the hometown school that got a midweek visit last week.

The Flips

Derrick Dillon (Florida commit)

Crystal Ball: LSU

Allgator Army: LSU

Florida has all but conceded Dillon, who didn't make his planned unofficial visit to Gainesville last weekend, to the in-state Tigers. And if he does flip to LSU, it will be a shame, given that Dillon still has the ability that had me comparing him to Percy Harvin when he committed, but not a surprise.

Deondre Francois (Florida State commit)

Crystal Ball: Florida State

Allgator Army: Florida State

Florida State's prize quarterback in the 2015 class took an official visit to Florida two weekends ago, and has batted down rumors of a flip since, including during a bizarre purported Twitter hack last week. I believe Francois and his family are genuinely torn, and that Florida is getting true consideration on his part, but I don't know if that's enough.

Lamar Jackson (Louisville commit)

Crystal Ball: Florida

Allgator Army: Louisville

I think Jackson was (and is) Florida's Plan B behind Francois at quarterback, and the lack of a commitment from him during or just after his weekend visit to Gainesville suggests to me that Francois is still in play — and that flipping Jackson might be difficult at the 11th hour.

Adonis Thomas (Alabama commit)

Crystal Ball: Alabama

Allgator Army: Alabama

The one-time Florida commit has seemed very solid to Alabama, but the Gators have labored behind the scenes to position themselves for a shot at Thomas. If he picks Florida, it will be a shocker, but it's not impossible.

The Four-Stars

Jordan Cronkrite

Crystal Ball: Florida

Allgator Army: Florida

Florida has been Cronkrite's landing spot for two weeks or so, with all but two Crystal Ball prediction since January 5 projecting him to the Gators.

Ryan Davis

Crystal Ball: Florida

Allgator Army: Florida

Davis and Cowart have been seen as something of a package deal — a far cry from the monstrous purported package deal of Cowart, Jefferson, and Jeffery Holland, despite Davis being a heck of a player in his own right — and Cowart picking Auburn would make me think Davis heads to the plains, too. But I have Cowart staying in state on gut, so I'll keep Davis in state, too. (It is far more likely that Cowart heads to Auburn and Davis to Florida than the reverse.)

Jeffery Holland

Crystal Ball: Auburn

Allgator Army: Auburn

Holland once seemed like a major Florida lean. Then Will Muschamp got fired, then hired at Auburn. Now Holland is a massive Auburn lean. Sometimes, these things are simple. (The last maintained Florida pick on Holland in the Crystal Ball came on February 11, 2014, for the record — and it was from West Coast expert Justin Hopkins.)

D'Anfernee McGriff

Crystal Ball: Florida

Allgator Army: Florida

McGriff was an Auburn commit until Monday, a day after finishing his official visit to Florida. He's gone from a 100 percent Auburn Crystal Ball to one that is a perfect split between the Gators and Tigers. And there are whispers of academic troubles, but Florida seems well-positioned to at least sign McGriff today.

Tyree St. Louis

Crystal Ball: Miami

Allgator Army: Miami

St. Louis committed to the 'Canes over Florida last summer, and I don't think the late push by Florida is strong enough to overcome that inertia.

The Rest

Antonio Callaway

Crystal Ball: Miami

Allgator Army: Florida

Callaway has long been seen as a battle between the team he favored early on and the hometown favorite. I think getting his last visit last weekend swings things for the Gators.