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CeCe Jefferson's father tells Gainesville Sun "I want CeCe to go somewhere else"

I say again: Stop hating.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

It would seem Florida has a new production on its hands: As CeCe Jefferson's Dad Turns continued on Thursday afternoon with Leo Jefferson, CeCe's father, telling The Gainesville Sun's Zach Abolverdi that he won't let his son fax his National Letter of Intent to Florida.

"No sir, and it’s not going to," he said. "You tell the Gainesville Sun that he isn't going to fax it in. I won't let him."

Abolverdi notes that Jefferson turned 19 last week, but that's immaterial when discussing the National Letter of Intent, which requires an additional signature from a parent or guardian from any signatory under the age of 21.

Jefferson went on to give actual reasoning for not signing his son's NLI.

"I’m a die-hard Gator fan, but personally, I want CeCe to go somewhere else," Jefferson said. "I wanted to get him away from home. I didn’t want him in Gainesville, to tell you the truth."

Which, well, okay, cool: I get a parent wanting a child to branch out and not stay so close to home. Jefferson's mother, of course, wants her son close to home, and Jefferson himself seems to want that, too, but this is at least a more legitimate response from Leo Jefferson to "Why won't you let your son do what he wants?" than the "I can't tell you that" he gave 247Sports.

It's probably not the best reason for preventing a 19-year-old man from doing what he wants, but at least it's a reason.