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CeCe Jefferson tweets about not sending in National Letter of Intent to Florida

This definitely clears everything up, for sure.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday night, CeCe Jefferson took to Twitter to respond to rumors about his Florida commitment and lack of a National Letter of Intent, citing the departure of Florida defensive line coach Terrell Williams for the Miami Dolphins as the reason for his delay.

Certainly, those sound like the words of a Florida commit who wants to be a Florida signee to me, but it's hard to be sure that there's any sort of timetable for Jefferson sending in that NLI based on those tweets. He did tell Jon Shumate, sports editor of the Baker County Press, about the possibility of faxing it to Florida on Friday, but it's unclear if or when that will happen.

Importantly, though, Jefferson's tweets would suggest that some of what his father Leo has been telling reporters about the reasoning behind the delay on the arrival of the NLI are untrue: The younger Jefferson saying he knew of a Williams departure days "a few days before NSD" only holds up as true in conjunction with Florida coaches not telling the Jeffersons of his departure if you think that another source caught wind of that and informed them of such while Florida coaches lied or maintained a poker face. And that's possible, certainly, but it also requires a bit of distortion of the truth on the Jeffersons' part, or some well-timed sabotage by a third party.

The clear good news here is that Jefferson is apparently done tweeting for the night, and has reverted to retweeting fans, so everything is definitely clear and done and I absolutely won't be racing to my laptop to write anything else tonight.