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Scooter Magruder's "Stuff Gator Fans Say 2" video tackles the post-Muschamp era

Comedy is about timing and cleverness.

Because the world of viral videos is one with many inoculations and little pathogenicity, Scooter Magruder, creator of the wildly popular "Stuff Gator Fans Say" and a slew of other, less spot-on parodies of how people talk, is back with "Stuff Gator Fans Say 2," and it's an update with Will Muschamp- and Jeff Driskel-based jokes, plus a fair few things (Burrito Brothers reference! Swamp Party slaughter reference!) that only Florida fans who are also current UF students will care about, and riffs on FSU jokes we've heard for decades.

Magruder is actually a Gator — and a Gators fan, because you are a Gators fan, or a Cowboys fan, or a Wildcats fan, or a Tigers fan; this is how pluralization works — and that gives his satire a bit of bite, because the jokes are for us, on us, by us. (My clothing line FUOUBU never took off, sadly.) And I still think Florida fans have among the best senses of humor on the Internet, especially when it comes to self-flagellation. But the best time for Muschamp/Driskel jokes was months and months ago, which is why things like this (or the "Will Muschamp interview" video, made by a 'Nole and riffing on source material swiped from Reddit's hive of gamers) don't bust my gut. For me, this was smile-and-smirk funny, not ha-ha funny.

Plus, not every Florida fan says the same things. There are people who roll their eyes at these things, people who say far loonier things, people who just stay calm and don't say much. The classes I took to get my sociology degree taught me about how to generalize groups; I don't think it's done best with stereotypes, or, really with jokes.

I'm a curmudgeon when it comes to this stuff, and a lot of things deemed hilarious by the Internet, though, and I freely admit that. So here's a nice thing I'll say: This shirt is dope.

Scooter Shirt