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A.J. Puk, Kirby Snead have charges reduced, likely to get deferred prosecution

Florida's two embattled pitchers have clear paths to clear records.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Florida pitchers A.J. Puk and Kirby Snead have had felony charges for trespassing at a construction site on Florida's campus reduced to misdemeanor charges, reports Robbie Andreu of The Gainesville Sun.

Andreu goes on to point out that deferred prosecution — carrying penalties of community service and fines — would keep both players' records clean.

Deferred prosecution agreements are increasingly common punishments for first-time misdemeanor offenses in Florida. Jameis Winston, notably, received the same for his petty theft charge in 2014 — and after community service and restitution to Publix, rejoined the Seminoles' baseball team.

One would think Puk and Snead are likely to make similarly swift returns from suspension.