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A goodbye to Gator Nation: The president of the Rowdy Reptiles says farewell, and thanks

The outgoing president of the Rowdy Reptiles asked if he could post a goodbye letter here.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Gator Nation,

Over the past two years I have had the privilege of serving as President of the Men's Basketball Rowdies. I was also a co-founder of the organization back in 2012. I have one more semester left at UF, but I've decided it is time to pass the torch to some new blood. The student section in the O'Connell Center has always been phenomenal, but I'm beyond proud to have been part of laying a foundation for us to become THE best student section in all of college hoops.

I could easily write a 10-page paper on all this, but I'll try to keep it concise. Mostly, I just want to say thank you. To my fellow students, alumni, fans and anyone who calls themselves a Gator: I cannot express how much your support over the recent years has meant to us. You believed in our mission, and had faith that we could continue to improve an already amazing atmosphere in the O'Dome.

Thank you to my exec board members -- Jonathan Arnholz, Jena Broyles, Austin Pleasants, Ben Rosenthal and Megan Pope - for trusting my decision-making and always having my back. We also could not have gotten to where we are without the immense assistance of Alicia Longworth, our faculty advisor. She has become a second mother to us, and goes way above and beyond to help us succeed.

Thank you to Coach Donovan and the entire Florida basketball program for making us part of the family. Your support for what we do is something that very few other student sections experience, and I am eternally grateful for that.

From all the hours spent outside Gate 3, to pre-game stretching with the team, to the countless broken shakers, to the flash mobs, to the road trips, to the Final Four run, and all the games against great teams and talented players, I've made countless memories and friendships that I'll never forget. And I'm so excited to witness what's in store for the Rowdies in the future. Go Gators!

In All Kinds of Weather,

Lucas Dolengowski
"The Prez"