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Florida Gators in the 2015 NFL Draft: Introducing the Player Mock Draft

We have a new spin on the mock draft process.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you're like me, you like the NFL Draft, and maybe a lot. But by April, you're tired of seeing the same exact mock drafts over and over.

Mock drafting is a fun process, and a mock draft is something that anyone can write up, but the problem is that, in the NFL Draft echo chamber, eventually just starts to predict the exact same things. In reality, the NFL draft is incredibly unpredictable; opinions and expectations should diversify, not condense. Everyone's trying to predict accuracy, and provide answers to "What will happen?" Sometimes, though — I'd argue most of the time, really — mock drafts should be an attempt to answer the "what if".

The reason I like to do multiple mock drafts isn't the same reason some people like to do multiple NCAA Tournament brackets. (Also: You people make me sick.) I'm not trying to put more mocks out so I have the better chance of one of them making me look like a prophet. I use them as thought exercises: "If this guy goes here, or this team does that, what does that mean for the player? What would he look like on that team?"

With that in mind, I've decided to write up a few Player Mock Drafts for the Florida Gators who have a chance to be selected in this year's NFL Draft. I'm going to pull a Florida prospect out of a hat (sort of) (basically, we're not running these in projected draft order). I'll tell you what the NFL thinks, by sharing scouting notes of their strengths and weaknesses that I've gathered. I'll give you some concrete information in the form of their official NFL Combine numbers. I'll get you up to speed with some of the teams who have either invited that player in for a workout or a visit, or just paid a little extra attention to them.

And finally, I'll make three realistic mock selections for that player: Team, round, and pick, and my own analysis on how I think the player would fit in each situation, taking into account scheme, depth chart, player talent, and potential.

It should be a fun exercise, and as always, if there's any other information you'd like me to dig up or throw into the mock analysis, just comment here or as the articles come, and I'll try my best to answer each request.