Yahoo: Thunder preparing offer, pushing to hire Donovan


The Billy Donovan to Oklahoma City scenario is, as the kids say these days, "lit." Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski along with Pat Forde report that the Thunder are prepping to offer Billy and "pushing for him to accept the job."

The report goes on to say that Billy is the only serious candidate and that on his end he's "enthusiastic" about the job. The most interesting thing about the report and seemingly the only snag this process can his is a disagreement on terms.

"It could take a contract worth in the $6 million-a-year range to get Donovan, who makes $4 million-plus annually with no state income tax at Florida," the report states.

The interesting thing about that is if you go any higher than $6 Billy will be one of the top-three highest paid coaches in the league. More than Popovich and into Stan Van Gundy/Doc Rivers territory both of whom have a healthy amount of personnel control, which I doubt Sam Presti would cede to Donovan. There also would need to be a pretty good amount of guaranteed money especially with the prospect of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook leaving in consecutive offseasons.

Speaking of Durant, Woj and Forde say that he has reached out to "at least one" former Gator in the NBA to learn about Donovan and that he's "positive" about the hiring.