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Video: Florida's spring practice highlights get the hype video treatment

If you wanted to watch a bunch of football players running in slow motion, today is your lucky day.

Here is a brief list of things you will see in this Florida highlight video.

  • The signs on the wall for coaches with some voiceover from them, for an interminably long time, because that is what the people really want to see.
  • Players jogging onto fields in slow motion.
  • Vernon Hargreaves III.
  • Players doing things in slow motion and at tight angles that may or may not be impressive at a wider angle.
  • People in the stands at The Swamp during scrimmages that you will almost immediately become intensely jealous of.
  • Brian Poole.
  • Alex McCalister ... making a hit? That's new!
  • Cool-looking shots of players sitting on the sideline. Which are cool. I guess.
  • Keanu Neal lighting up a running back wearing No. 24 whom I had to look up. (It's Case Harrison, who changed his number this year and is working at running back this spring despite being listed at wide receiver. Hi, Case!)
  • Jim McElwain saying something at the end of a practice that only sounds important in the context of a hype video.