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Florida bride hides orange and blue inside Alabama-themed wedding cake

Is it any surprise what team the cleverer half of the couple roots for?

Robert Sabin via College Spun

Alabama fan Robert Sabin got married over the weekend, and he made sure that at least one cake at the ceremony paid proper tribute to the moment ... that Nick Saban rode an elephant while holding a crystal national championship trophy. (That totally happened.)

Alabama fan Bill Rasure — who notes that he "graduated from Bama and Univ. of Florida," which amuses me, in his Twitter bio — sent the picture to ESPN's Darren Rovell, and like that, it became A Story.

But College Spun, one of the first sites to pick up on and post the first picture, also got an update from Sabin. It turns out there was more to the cake than meets the eye.

Florida/Alabama Wedding Cake

Yep, that's a distinctly Florida-shaded orange and blue interior you see. According to College Spun, Sabin's wife-to-be, Amanda Perryman, is a Florida grad, and "found out about the cake before the wedding and asked them to dye the inside orange and blue."

BuzzFeed has more pictures, and Instagrammed evidence of the couple's very divided house. They went to the Alabama-Florida game last year, of course.

Good news is....the wedding's still on. #rollgata #housedivided #unitedbytheSEC #rolltiderob @rrsabin

A photo posted by Amanda Sabin (@amandarosesabin) on

Many happy wishes are due to a couple who cares enough about sports and each other to use their cake as a prop in their fandom — but, more importantly, good on Mrs. Amanda Sabin on finding a way to go into the marriage one prank to the good.