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Billy Donovan, wife Christine say goodbye to Florida with full-page Gainesville Sun ad

One more reason we will all miss Billy D: His grace.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It's been a little more than three weeks since Billy Donovan finally decided to leave Florida to become the head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the move is still fresh in the minds of everyone involved.

Donovan and his wife Christine couldn't go out without a proper farewell, though: They bought a full-page ad in this Sunday's The Gainesville Sun to thank "not only this local community that has so loved us, but all of Gator Nation."

Here's the full text of the ad (and, yes, San Francisco is spelled wrong):

"Goodbye" is so difficult, especially after having spent two decades in this community. (And as you've seen before, leaving you all has never been easy for us!)

The University of Florida and Gainesville embraced us from the day we arrived so long ago, and we have grown to love not only this local community that has so loved us, but all of Gator Nation — from Crescent Beach to Cedar Key, from Miami to New York, from Jacksonville to San Fransisco, to all over the nation and globe.

We are so grateful to Jeremy Foley, staff and leaders at the University of Florida, along with scores of players and coaches who have become part of our family. And, of course, the Rowdy Reptiles.

We leave with hearts full of love and cherished memories of euphoria and heartbreak — on and off the court — shared at every step with our Gator family.

We are excited for all that Mike White brings as he puts his own unique mark on Florida basketball...Fannnnntastic!

And so, rather than goodbye,

...until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

— Billy and Christine Donovan

Apart from needing a copy editor to catch that San Francisco slip-up, this is perfect.