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Chomping at Bits: Florida softball field renovations "on drawing board"

The defending national champions need a bigger, better park.

Andy Hutchins

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Florida softball complex to get upgrade: When something is on Jeremy Foley's "drawing board," it's gonna happen. It's just a matter of time. (Robbie Andreu, The Gainesville Sun)

Foley done with round of hirings: "I'm confident in the people we have" vs. "I didn't think Will (Muschamp) would (fail), either" for quotes you'll harp on. (Robbie Andreu, The Gainesville Sun)

SEC adds three permanent rivals in men's basketball: Florida gets Georgia, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt. More on this later. (SEC)

Billy Donovan gives Florida softball a pep talk: I didn't get to mention this Wednesday night/Thursday when it would have been most relevant, but: #GatorsAlways means something. (Chris Harry, Harry Fodder | GatorZone)

Previewing Florida A&M, Florida's Gainesville Regional opener: If Florida loses to Florida A&M at home in A&M's first NCAA Tournament game, I will be ... something beyond shocked? Flabbergasted? (Scott Carter, Carter's Corner | GatorZone)

Golfer A.J. Crouch back on track: And Florida's playing in the NCAA Championships this weekend partly because of it. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Did you know it has been a while since Florida's played an out-of-state, out-of-conference game? I'll get to this when I have a chance, so maybe not until Sunday — a team in the Women's College World Series and two more in NCAA Championships get triaged before responding to petty trolling — but this is a master class in spin, and your blood will boil. (David Visser, Tomahawk Nation)

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