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Video: Tim Walton tells joyous Florida locker room "None of your freakin' stats matter"

The Gators still have work to do.

After the hilarious "HE'S COMING! HE'S COMING! HE'S COMING! READY? READY?" panic of a bunch of players happy to sing and dance for their coach, and their joyous chants of "WE GOIN' TO THE SHIP! (WHAT!)", and Tim Walton's detailed and amusing praise for those players — game-winning hit collector Nicole DeWitt gets razzed for "trying to hit a seven-run homer" prior to locking in and bearing down for her walk-off single — the most powerful bit of Walton's speech to his team after their stirring win over Auburn on Sunday, the one that got them to the Women's College World Series championship series for the second straight year, comes spilling out.

"If you can't learn how to get rid of allll of the — there's a thing called postseason, there's a thing called regionals, Super Regionals, World Series, and then national championship play? And none of your freakin' stats matter — nobody even cares. It's all about finding a way to get Ws, okay?"

Florida is two wins away from its second national title. And they need just two more Ws to claim it.

But while that's the most powerful bit of what Walton said, it's not the most powerful thing said in the locker room over the course of this video.

No, that's what the Gators say at the end: "Family."