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SEC Media Days 2015: Jonathan Bullard returned to Florida with "something to prove"

The big man didn't say much.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Via ASAP Sports and ESPN, here's what Florida defensive end Jonathan Bullard said at SEC Media Days.

On his decision to come back for another year...

"I just had higher expectations for myself, I was ready to come back to where I'm from. I knew I had something to prove. I hope I can show that and get drafted to where I want to be. My family isn't in a very bad situation where I had to go get money right away, so they were really just on my side and I feel what's best for me is to come back here. "

On importance of offense after last season...

"As far as the defense, I feel much more confident in what we do. Offensive wise, they're still striving to be good. They practice hard every day, work out hard every day, there's a good competition going for the quarterback position. We've got some new guys to step in. Hopefully they can help us on both sides of the ball and achieve what we were able to do last year. So we're just going hard, head first, trying to be the best we can be."

On the toughness of losing...

"I mean it's tough, it's always tough losing at anything. Us being football players, we're naturally just so competitive at everything we do and when you lose, it ain't easy. Sometimes when we lose, somebody will say something out of character, but you have to realize on the offensive side of the ball that they're out there practicing just as hard as we are. So we just have to encourage them and let them get their confidence up also."