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SEC Media Days 2015: Florida projected to finish fifth in SEC East

The assembled scribes in Hoover don't have too much faith in Florida this year. Except for one of them!

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Florida has been projected to finish fifth in the SEC East in 2015 by the media members in attendance at SEC Media Days.

Florida received 768 points from 225 voters, slotting the Gators in behind Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, and South Carolina in the East's pecking order, and ahead of Kentucky and Vanderbilt. Every East team other than Vanderbilt received at least one vote to win the division; Georgia received the majority of the first-place votes, with 166.

But the one person who picked Florida to win the East would almost certainly have to be the person who also picked the Gators to win the whole damn SEC, a decision received with some mirth in more skeptical corners of the Internet.

Then again, logic really doesn't matter much here: Media members picked Auburn to win the SEC, awarding the Tigers 96 champion votes to Alabama's 80, but "picked" Alabama to be the SEC West champion, as the Crimson Tide accrued 1,405 points to Auburn's 1,362 in the balloting, despite 108 voters tabbing Auburn as their West champion to 92 who enthroned the Tide.

SEC East

School Points (first-place votes)
1. Georgia 1498 (166)
2. Tennessee 1231 (36)
3. Missouri 1196 (20)
4. South Carolina 830 (1)
5. Florida 768 (1)
6. Kentucky 534 (1)
7. Vanderbilt 243

SEC West

School Points (first-place votes)
1. Alabama 1405 (92)
2. Auburn 1362 (108)
3. LSU 870 (10)
4. Arkansas 821 (6)
5. Mississippi 732 (3)
6. Texas A&M 628 (4)
7. Mississippi State (2) 482 (2)

SEC Champion

School Votes
Auburn 96
Alabama 80
Georgia 28
Arkansas 3
Mississippi 3
Tennessee 2
Texas A&M 2
Florida 1
Mississippi State 1