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Throwback Thursday: On "voice of the Gators" Mick Hubert, and some of his best calls

The voice of the Gators has been around for a long time.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With Florida's "takeover" of the SEC Network continuing apace on this Thursday, and folks in a nostalgic mood as a result, someone from IMG sent me a couple of cool Mick Hubert compilations.

First, here's a collection of Mick's calls from Florida's dramatic win over Kentucky in the SEC Tournament final last spring.

Then — and this is the very cool one — here's a lot of Mick's calls from Florida's 1997 Sugar Bowl (and national championship-winning) victory over Florida State.

Mick's been "the voice of the Gators" for about as long as Florida's been really good: He arrived at the university in 1989, so he's been calling Gators games for one more year than I've been alive, and he's called just about every nationally relevant Florida game of the last 25 years.

He's called them well, too.

I don't think of Mick as the best play-by-play announcer in college sports, but he's unquestionably ours, from "OH MY!" to "Book it!" to "In quarantine!" to "DOERING'S GOT A TOUCHDOWN!" And no one lasts forever as the voice of any one team.

So savor Mick while we have him. There will never be another.