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Jim McElwain's mortal enemy: Socks (with dress shoes)

Florida's new head coach really doesn't ever wear socks. (With dress shoes, anyway, it seems.)


Here is Jim McElwain flying up to his ESPN "car wash" with Steve Spurrier this Tuesday. In news that will surprise you only if you have been living under a rock, he's not wearing socks.

Here is McElwain wearing no socks with his dress shoes last week at SEC Media Days.

Here's McElwain not wearing socks while posing as Florida's president for an April Fools' Day gag:

Here is McElwain not wearing socks with dress shoes in March, while speaking with the SEC Network's Booger McFarland.

Here is McElwain cosigning a Wall Street Journal trend piece partly about men wearing loafers with no socks.

Here are two more mentions of McElwain not wearing socks as Florida's head coach.

Here's McElwain not wearing socks while speaking with media at Colorado State.

McElwain's no-socks look was rolled out at every Gator Club stop this spring, apparently, too. Longtime Alabama scribe Cecil Hurt notes that McElwain's sock-free approach dates back to at least his days at Alabama.

Clearly, Jim McElwain hates socks (with dress shoes) as much as he likes dogs.

And, well: I wear sandals about 350 days of the year. I feel you, Coach.