Kyle Trask highlights: Tall passer shows accuracy on tape


First off: Kyle Trask is tall. Between that, his upright stance, and the No. 18 jersey he wears, it's tough not to see at least a physical resemblance to Peyton Manning in these highlights.

But Trask also reminds me of Manning for another reason: The ball kind of flutters off of his hand. We only get a few dozen throws in games in this tape, but most of those show him throwing nice deep balls that are more floated than driven; receivers are slowing up to catch bombs.

The flip side to that? He's throwing very catchable balls. While there aren't many "WOW!"-worthy dimes here, his receivers also aren't having to do much more than make occasional leaping catches for passes that are on target. (There's one great over-the-back catch about midway through on a fade in the end zone, to be fair; No. 6, who makes it, is Sean Dykes, a two-star recruit.) Now, granted, these are highlights, and no one edits in the incompletions, but Trask seems to have a knack for throwing accurately, even into tight windows.

Trask lacks great mobility, and doesn't really ever leave the pocket until a lumbering run five minutes into the reel, but the few times he has to negotiate a breakdown with footwork impressed me, and he does execute draws effectively. He also feathers screen passes beautifully despite defenders flying at his face.

After watching these highlights, I feel better about Trask: If he's a "two-star" prospect, rather than merely a low three-star one, I suspect it's largely because he hasn't played much at his high school. The physical tools are there for him to be a developmental prospect at least on par with Max Staver and Skyler Mornhinweg, and if Florida can nab another QB in this class, I'm totally fine with Trask being a roll of the dice.