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What Florida legends are the Gators using to recruit future players?

Future Gators are hearing the names of some of the best players to wear orange and blue.

Allen Steele/Getty Images

Today is August 1, the beginning of the period allowing "official" contact between "prospective student-athletes" and the schools recruiting them to play sports for the 2016 class, so Florida's sending out a slew of "official" scholarship offer graphics (likely to go along with true official scholarship offers).

The most interesting part of the graphics, though, is the part that varies from one recruit's graphic to the next: Each player is told a scholarship from Florida will allow him "to walk in the same hallways as Gator legends like" two position-specific players.

Here are those "Gator legends," by position, as far as we can tell:

That seems like a pretty solid list of players. All of the players we've seen called "legends" either were first-round picks or spent at least six years in the NFL, and Smith is obviously still a Hall of Famer and the NFL's career rushing leader; inarguably, he has the greatest NFL career of any Florida product.

It's also interesting to note that athletes Demetris Robertson (Harvin and Haden) and Tyrek Tisdale (Tebow and Elam) get cross-position comparisons.

We'll update this post as more graphics get tweeted.