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Video: Jim McElwain addresses quarterback competition through first week of fall practice

Florida's head coach touched on a few injuries, too.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Jim McElwain spoke to media on Monday, four days into Florida's fall camp. And most of what he said seems like common sense.

  • There's not a lot to differentiate between Will Grier and Treon Harris at quarterback. While both players show flashes, both will also make mistakes — because they're young and inconsistent. (I buy this, especially over the course of practices much longer than what media members are seeing — but I also buy Grier looking sharper to begin practices.)
  • Florida finished Monday's practice without three players: Defensive end Alex McCalister was held out of practice with a hamstring injury, and offensive lineman Travaris Dorsey and wide receiver C.J. Worton left practice with injuries. Both players are likely backups — Dorsey could force his way into Florida's starting lineup at right guard, perhaps — but it's unclear how severe those injuries are.

    Worton, for his part, tweeted that he went to the hospital but that it "didn't end bad" late Monday night:

  • McElwain remains impressed with Florida's defense, and called it "a true top-flight SEC defense." The secondary, in particular, stands out: It "actually runs three-deep at some positions."
  • Jordan Scarlett and Jordan Cronkrite are "quick learners" and "Those guys are going to help the Gators for a long time to come."