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Chomping at Bits: Florida's status report at the halfway point of fall practice

The Gators may be better than previously expected.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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Checking in at halfway point of fall practice: Everything is better than anticipated! (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Nate Craig-Myers listed as potential "momentum-shifting" recruit for Florida: Also, Florida "must" get either Craig-Myers or Sam Bruce. Or what!? (Gerry Hamilton, ESPN Insider)

Gator Rompin' on the way: Shared for that awesome t-shirt. (Tampa Gator Club)

More on Ricky Town: His high school coach throws some cold water on the "He loves Doug Nussmeier!" flames, though he admits Florida would be a fit. (Anthony Chiang, The Palm Beach Post)

A perfect Donald Trump story: Donald Trump is the most "is who he is" person on Earth. (Joe Posnanski)

Stephen Colbert and loving the bomb: An exquisite piece. (Joel Lovell, GQ)

What Straight Outta Compton lacks: A review from someone who knows everyone depicted all too well. (Dee Barnes, Gawker)

Jeff Pearlman's most fascinating Quaz yet: "Actually my biological mother was the drug addict. I was legally adopted by her mother (my grandmother) and she was the one who shot three neighbors." (Jeff Pearlman)

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