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Florida breaks in indoor practice facility with Saturday session

It's here. It's shiny. It's open for business.


The long-awaited day has come: The Florida Gators are practicing in their brand new indoor practice facility.

Put aside a Florida associate athletic director not knowing how to spell lightning, and that's pretty cool.

Also: Goldkamp is dead-on about it raining in Gainesville. Here's the radar from 3:45 p.m. Saturday, via

Gainesville Weather

This is absolutely the primary benefit of having an indoor facility — being able to practice on a day when inclement weather would otherwise scrub outdoor activities. That Florida gets to enjoy it on the first day it heads inside The Shed That Mac Had Built is a delicious bit of "See? Told you so."

It's also testament to just how quickly a project like this can get done: Florida officially announced the plans to build the facility on January 21, seven months and a day ago, with crews breaking ground on that day.

A full-fledged indoor practice facility that took just over 200 days to erect is some kind of feat for Florida and its construction partners.