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Florida unranked in preseason AP Poll

To the surprise of approximately no one.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida is unranked in the preseason AP Poll for the 2015 season, which means just one thing: Jim McElwain has some work to do before his Gators appear in the college football ranking

Florida is one of a handful of teams also receiving votes from AP Poll voters — as it was in the preseason coaches' poll — but the AP has not released a full table showing those numbers, so we're left to extrapolate from this Ralph D. Russo tweet:

Those four votes put Florida in a tie for 37th ... with the school currently led by former Florida quarterback Jacoby Brissett. (Whee!)

This is the second straight year in which Florida has fallen outside the top 25 of the initial AP Poll. The Gators are unranked in both the (totally irrelevant) AP Poll and the (totally irrelevant) coaches poll for the first time in probably quite a few years, or something, I dunno, fire Will Muscha — sorry.

Florida will also have a customarily difficult schedule, if the preseason poll is any indication. Six teams in the top 25 will face Florida this fall, and while none is ranked higher than No. 9 Georgia, the Gators will (theoretically) need to either beat every unranked team on their schedule or pull an upset to cover for a loss to one of those unranked teams just to get to a 6-6 regular season record.

It won't be easy for Mac, in other words.

Here's the full poll.

Ranking Team Points
1 Ohio State (61) 1,525
2 TCU 1,428
3 Alabama 1,322
4 Baylor 1,263
5 Michigan State 1,256
6 Auburn 1,192
7 Oregon 1,156
8 USC 1,085
9 Georgia 991
10 Florida State 959
11 Notre Dame 873
12 Clemson 862
13 UCLA 698
14 LSU 675
15 Arizona State 605
16 Georgia Tech 588
17 Mississippi 563
18 Arkansas 410
19 Oklahoma 394
20 Wisconsin 393
21 Stanford 347
22 Arizona 311
23 Boise State 240
24 Missouri 219
25 Tennessee 114