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Videos: Jim McElwain, Florida players address possibility of two-QB rotation in opener

Florida might go with both Will Grier and Treon Harris early on this season.

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Florida's quarterback competition hasn't really produced a clear-cut winner so far this fall. Despite Will Grier being the presumptive favorite heading into camp and impressing early, there hasn't been so much separation from Treon Harris that anyone — least of all Florida coach Jim McElwain — has called the race for the former North Carolina prep star.

So it's somewhat notable that McElwain at least addressed the possibility in a meeting with reporters on Tuesday night — maybe not to the level of putting "Florida likely to play two quarterbacks in opener" in a headline, but certainly enough to make the prospect something worth considering.

Florida players Caleb Brantley, Duke Dawson, Case Harrison, and C'yontai Lewis all spoke to media on Tuesday, as well.

And, because I missed embedding them over the weekend, McElwain and other players — Alvin Bailey, Bryan Cox, Jr., and Jalen Tabor — spoke to reporters late Friday night.

Read into whatever you wish here — I'll note that Tabor got the first solo interview by a player other than Grier this fall — but also realize that Bailey's quote about the possibility of a two-QB rotation is from a different day than McElwain's comments addressing it.