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Florida vs. East Carolina: Gators wearing orange uniforms — tops and pants

Prepare your eyes for a surprise.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida will apparently wear all-orange uniforms — with orange jerseys and orange pants to go along with the program's traditional orange helmets — for the first time in decades against East Carolina, according to tweets from multiple Gators players.

The prospect of all-orange duds has been raised occasionally by fans, but has never transpired, though Florida has worn orange uniforms — the program's primary color for home uniforms for much of the 1980s — four times since 2010. Most recently, the Gators donned orange for their 2015 Birmingham Bowl victory against East Carolina.

But Florida has never previously worn all-orange in the post-Steve Spurrier era, and only pre-World War II combinations with orange tops and tan pants come close to such a typical combination in the program's history.

This picture of Emmitt Smith against Kentucky is from the last all-orange game in Florida's history, a 38-28 win over Kentucky in 1989.

And Florida's official Twitter account for its football program is playing coy about uniforms on this Saturday, too:

If nothing else, we'll seemingly be seeing something almost entirely new from the Gators on this Saturday night.

Update, 6:15 p.m.: All-orange it is.