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Florida vs. East Carolina: Reviewing our 25 predictions

Not bad, but not great, either.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I was right about not being as right as last week!

  1. Florida will score first.
    Wrong. That was ECU.
  2. But that first score won't be a touchdown.
    Wrong. I was predicting a Florida field goal here.
  3. Florida will lead by double digits in the first half.
    Wrong. Never more than three.
  4. Florida will lead by 24 at some point in the game.
    Wrong. Never more than 14.
  5. Will Grier will play Florida's first four series.
    Right. Played those four, then rotated out.
  6. Grier will throw for more than 200 yards.
    Wrong. Topped out at 151.
  7. Treon Harris will play at least three series.
    Right. I believe it was six.
  8. Harris will throw at least one touchdown pass.
    Wrong. Harris led Florida to a touchdown on the ground, though.
  9. Grier will post a better passing rating than Harris.
    Right. About 160 to about 119.
  10. One of Florida's QBs will throw an interception, but no more than one.
    Right. Grier "threw" a pick. But just the one.
  11. Florida will average better than five yards per play on offense.
    Right. 5.92.
  12. Demarcus Robinson will make a touchdown catch.
    Right. Good call here, I think.
  13. Florida's running backs will combine for more than 150 yards.
    Wrong. Florida ran for 168 yards, but Grier and Harris had about a third of that total on scrambles of their own.
  14. Florida will have at least three plays of 30 or more yards on offense.
    Wrong. But so, so close: DeAndre Goolsby had two, and another 28-yard catch.
  15. Florida will record at least three sacks.
    Right. Joey Ivie had all three.
  16. Alex McCalister will have at least one sack.
    Wrong. A disappointing night for the freakish rusher.
  17. Caleb Brantley will have at least one tackle for loss.
    Wrong. He shared one. I'm not counting it.
  18. Alex Anzalone will lead Florida in tackles.
    Wrong. I kinda got screwed here, because Anzalone left and Jarrad Davis led Florida in tackles in his stead, but them's the breaks.
  19. Florida will force multiple turnovers.
    Right. I think it should've been more than three, too.
  20. Keanu Neal will not play.
    Right. Probably the easiest one here.
  21. Florida will hold East Carolina under 7.0 yards per pass attempt.
    Right. 6.0 on the dot.
  22. Florida will not allow a play of more than 50 yards.
    Right. East Carolina's longest play covered just 31 yards.
  23. Florida will not trail after halftime.
    Wrong. Florida trailed 14-10 in the third quarter.
  24. Florida will score fewer than 60 points.
    Right. Second-easiest one.
  25. Florida will win, 45-17.
    Wrong. And not particularly close.

Last Week:

12-for-25, 48 percent.

Season to Date:

32-for-50, 64 percent.