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Florida launches "One Gator Nation" website to tout athletic programs

Flashy! But is it functional?

With the above video and timed tweets from pretty much every official social media account, Florida announced the launch of a new website,, that touts the school's athletics programs.

The video is suitably alluring, with beloved former Florida Will Yeguete starring in it, and the website runs down lists of Gators greats from Mark Merklein to Delisha Milton-Jones to Maurkice Pouncey and the staggering numbers tallied by Florida athletic programs. Essentially, it appears to be a built-out version of, which launched last fall and now serves mostly as a standalone site for the pre-kickoff hype video that launched with it.

And it's something for recruits — and, maybe more importantly, their parents — more than anyone else. Each sport has its own sub-site — here's the one for Florida's soccer program — with a video, photos, substantial detail about the program's coaches and its history, and a form for prospective players to fill out and get more information.

While the value of such a site might be somewhat dubious, especially given that all of Florida's programs rely more on recruits their coaches seek out rather than players who seek out Florida, it's undeniably slick, and I can't imagine a parent looking the site over and not being at least a little impressed.

And, hey, it's not my money, anyway.