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Video: Chris Rainey scores two 103-yard return touchdowns in CFL

The former Florida Gators star shows that speed still kills.

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So I guess Chris Rainey's a budding CFL superstar now?

The former Florida quarkback is now in America's Hat and plying his trade for the B.C. Lions after failing to stick in the NFL, and he pulled off an amazing feat last week, as longtime friend of the blog Andrew Bucholtz writes at 55-Yard Line: Rainey returned both a kick and a punt for touchdowns against the Calgary Stampeders, both on runbacks spanning 103-yards, in what is thought to be a CFL first.

Video of the punt return is, alas, of significantly lower quality than the kick return:

Regardless, though, it's interesting to see that Rainey's speed, quickness, and insousiance — check the arrogant "I'm running slow HA NOW I AM CUTTING GOOD DAY GOOD SIR" move from the beginning of the kickoff return, one you may remember well from its deployment against Georgia in 2008 — on the football field have once again made him a viable weapon for a team in need of speed.

Apparently, his substantial talent has yet again made up for his general insousiance and immaturity off the field, which helped earn him a starring role in an Outside the Lines report on Florida athletes avoiding prosecution and unceremonious dismissals from the rosters of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts after a domestic violence arrest (later dropped) and an unwise wielding of a fire extinguisher, respectively.

It's also amusing to see that there is a level of organized football at which Rainey can complete a long scoring play without inexplicably being tackled from behind.

People don't forget.

(Hat tip to PodKATT for passing along the article.)