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"HE'S GOING TO SCORE!": Mick Hubert calls Florida's miracle touchdown against Tennessee

You will have chills.

I have written before about taking Mick Hubert for granted. He's The Voice of the Gators, and deserves those capital letters, but he's not as nationally known or respected as the recognized greats of announcing, despite a long career chock-full of Florida highlights and calls to match.

I wrote about taking Mick for granted in the context of knowing we won't have him forever, the context of seeing him look as weathered as the sands of a Florida beach after a basketball game or two, and counting the wrinkles on his forehead in his most recent Gatorland Toyota commercials, the context of being sure he's all we've ever known and the peril of unknown knowns.

Today, listen to his call of Antonio Callaway's miraculous 63-yard catch-and-run to beat Tennessee — to give Florida its 11th straight win over the Vols, to shock the world — and do not take Mick Hubert for granted.

Savor him. Savor this.

"He's going to score! HE'S GOING TO SCORE! HE'S GOING TO SCORE!"