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"I just saw magic": Mick Hubert, Lee McGriff call final moments of Florida 28, Tennessee 27

It was more than just the big play. It was a big moment. And Florida's radio team rose to meet that moment.

We've already posted CBS's superb (and freakishly fast) mashup of Mick Hubert's radio call from the Gators IMG Radio Network and a reverse angle of Florida's miraculous touchdown pass from Will Grier to Antonio Callaway to beat Tennessee on Saturday, and it truly is an exceptional piece of media, given the reverse angle and the superlative nature of Hubert's call.

But the Hubert call plus the CBS broadcast angle of Callaway's touchdown isn't bad, either, and adding in his call of Tennessee's missed game-winning field goal ("It is gonne be NO GOOD! WIDE RIGHT! WIDE RIGHT! GATORS WIN THE GAME! OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYY!") and the shots of Florida's delirious on-field celebration makes this another great video to treasure from this Saturday.

And color commentator Lee McGriff, who is, fair or not, considered the weak link in Florida's radio commentary team, comes up with some beautiful phrases of his own. On Callaway's touchdown, he's as awed as we all were: "I just saw magic!" After the missed kick, he keeps it simple: "One for the ages. Wow! What a ballgame! What a thrill to be here!"

I am quite certain that all of the fans in attendance at Saturday's game is quite certainly going to remember this win for the rest of their natural lives. Thanks to Hubert and McGriff delivering indelible calls, though, that may be true of the fans who merely caught the game from home, too.