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Video: Tennessee fan upsets Florida's Nick Buchanan, Jabari Zuniga in arm-wrestling

This is hilarious, even if the good guys lost.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I'm about to type something I never thought I would at Alligator Army: A Clay Travis reader has created something truly special.

According to what Travis writes over at Outkick the Coverage, a group of Tennessee fans came to Gainesville for last weekend's game as part of a bachelor party. (Which, um, okay?) After the game, and a night of carousing, they ended up at a Steak 'n Shake — where multiple Florida football players were also partaking in some late-night grub.

One thing led to another, and one of the Vols fans (and another from an entirely different party) ended up arm-wrestling Gators freshman offensive lineman Nick Buchanan and freshman defensive lineman Jabari Zuniga.

And winning.

Now, there's obviously nothing actually wrong with Buchanan and Zuniga — both of whom appear certain to redshirt this season, and neither of whom has appeared on a depth chart this fall — losing to a couple of Tennessee fans at a competition that has a lot more to do with technique than you might think.

And given what happened after Florida beat Tennessee last year, I am relieved that video of a Florida player doing something after this year's win that surfaced in the days after the game shows nothing more embarrassing than a couple of losses to Tennessee fans at Steak 'N Shake at vampire hours.

Still, though: Nick? Jabari? Maybe hit the weight room?