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Florida vs. New Mexico State: Reviewing our 25 predictions

It feels good to be right and stuff.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I'll say this: I didn't expect to have nearly this much success this week.

  1. Florida will score first.
    Right. Florida scored the only points of the first quarter on a Brandon Powell TD catch. (And the point after. People forget those are points, too!)
  2. Florida's first touchdown will be scored by its offense.
    Right. In fact, all of them were.
  3. Florida will lead by double digits in the first half.
    Right. Florida led 14-0 and 28-7 in the first half, then entered halftime up 34-13.
  4. Florida will lead by 30 at some point in the game.
    Right. Florida took a 31-point lead midway through the third quarter and never lost it, scoring another 17 points.
  5. Treon Harris will play Florida's first three series.
    Right. Harris played the first three series before Will Grier entered the game.
  6. Harris will not score Florida's first touchdown on the ground.
    Right. Instead, he threw for it.
  7. Will Grier will play Florida's fourth through sixth series.
    Right. Grier actually got the fourth through 10th series.
  8. Grier will throw a touchdown pass in the first half.
    Right. Grier connected with C'yontai Lewis twice in the second quarter.
  9. Grier will complete a greater percentage of his passes than Harris.
    Right. This was dicey for a while, but Grier hit on 16 of 18 passes, Harris on 14 of 19.
  10. Florida will average better than five yards per play under both QBs.
    Right. I'm not doing the math to make sure on first go, but I'm confident here. (I'll drop this stat in the comments when I get a chance to calculate it later today.)
  11. Demarcus Robinson will make a touchdown catch.
    Wrong. Hey! I missed something!
  12. Brandon Powell will score at least one touchdown.
    Right. misremembered predicting this as Powell scoring the first TD, so I was more excited about this prediction in the moment. But whatever.
  13. Florida will have at least five plays of 20 or more yards on offense.
    Right. It was eight.
  14. Florida will record no more than three sacks.
    Right. Just two.
  15. Jonathan Bullard will have at least one sack.
    Right. Exactly one.
  16. Taven Bryan will make a big play.
    Wrong. Bryan did not record a defensive statistic, and also I confused him for Justus Reed on the latter's sack, somehow?
  17. Antonio Morrison will lead Florida in tackles.
    Wrong. Not even close: Morrison had just one tackle. (Bullard, Alex Anzalone, and Jalen Tabor each had five.)
  18. Florida will play primarily with five defensive backs.
    Right. I can't even recall a play with three linebackers on the field.
  19. Florida will force multiple turnovers.
    Wrong. Just the one.
  20. Vernon Hargreaves III will force at least one turnover.
    Right. And did he ever.
  21. Florida will hold New Mexico State under 5.5 yards per play.
    Right. It was 3.9 YPP.
  22. Florida will not allow the Aggies to score in the first quarter.
    Right. New Mexico State first got on the board in the second quarter.
  23. Florida will never trail.
    Right. Ah. Relief.
  24. Florida will "win" both the first and second halves.
    Right. 34-13 in the first, 27-0 in the second.
  25. Florida will win, 55-13.
    Wrong. Because I have to get the score right for me to assess this as right, it's essentially a guaranteed wrong prediction every week I do these ... except the score of this game was 47-13 midway through the fourth quarter, after a missed extra point, and then Florida scored another touchdown, but decided to just kick the point after instead of going for two. (And scored again, but whatever.) SO CLOSE.

Last Week:

20-for-25, 80 percent.

Season to Date:

20-for-25, 80 percent.