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Florida vs. Vanderbilt: Gators going with white tops, orange pants

Florida rolls out another unusual uniform combination.

Florida v Florida State Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Florida Gators’ sartorial choices will continue to veer toward the unusual at Vanderbilt on Saturday. The program released its uniform for the noon game against the Commodores in a tweet, and the white road tops with orange pants marks the fifth different combination worn over five games in 2016.

Florida last wore white tops with orange pants at Florida State in 2014, in a 24-19 loss. The combination has only been worn six times since 2005, and the Gators have posted a 3-3 record in them — though, notably, Florida’s 2012 victory at FSU came with white uniforms and orange bottoms.

The white-and-orange mix also means that Florida will have cycled through almost every combination of its uniforms and pants under Jim McElwain in just 19 games. The Gators have worn their traditional blue uniforms with blue, orange, and white pants; their alternate orange uniforms with orange and white pants; and, after today, will have worn their white road uniforms with orange and white pants.

The only unworn combinations of Florida’s selection of jerseys and pants are white uniforms with blue pants, a relatively common road combination prior to McElwain, and orange uniforms with blue pants, something Florida has not worn in at least many, many years.

Of course, Florida now also has white alternate helmets — which technically doubles its available outfit possibilities.