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Florida vs. Missouri: Gators to don traditional home uniform for Homecoming

Weird: This is normal!

NCAA Football: Florida at Georgia Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida’s uniform choice for its Homecoming game — and celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the Gators that won the program’s second national championship in 2006 — will be rather weird.

Because, well, it’s normal. Which is weird.

Florida will be wearing its most-worn home uniform against Missouri — the traditional orange helmet, blue jersey, and white pants. That typically wouldn’t merit even a raised eyebrow: Florida has worn that exact combination 63 times since 2005, almost exclusively at home, scoring a whopping 2,090 points in those threads and compiling a 46-17 record in them.

But under Jim McElwain, Florida’s only gone with blue-on-white in orange helmets twice, and neither time came in 2016. The Gators slipped into their most customary attire for a win over Georgia and a loss to Michigan in 2015.

And yet, because both of those games came away from The Swamp, this will be the first time Florida has worn its standard home uniform at home under McElwain.

That’s something else, man.