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Florida vs. Georgia, Game Thread: 25 predictions for a party

Can Florida run over Georgia, as predicted?

Missouri v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

This is not, on paper, the sort of Florida-Georgia game one can hype up as a showdown, River City or otherwise.

Florida’s a top-15 team, but only barely, and partly because there’s a dearth of very good teams to rank near the top of the nation’s polls. The Gators’ best win is probably over Kentucky. That’s not a joke.

Georgia, meanwhile, lost to Vanderbilt — a team it had beaten by 27, 45, and 43 in Athens in its last three tries — at home two weeks ago.

The last time Georgia lost at home to Vanderbilt was 10 years ago, in 2006. Two weeks later, in Jacksonville, Florida defeated the Bulldogs, 21-14, in a game that I could not affirmatively tell you one single thing about. Reggie Nelson probably had a pick, and Tim Tebow probably had a touchdown, because it was 2006, but beyond that, I’ve got nothing.

I have hope that this year’s game will be more exciting, not least because the Florida backfield has been suddenly streamlined by Mark Thompson’s suspension and Jordan Cronkrite’s “undisclosed injury” (that coincides with him replacing Gators references on his Twitter account with a Joker smile). Georgia is not good, and Florida is, and good teams beat bad ones, even though Florida-Georgia is “unpredictable” in the sense that upsets have happened about 25 percent of the time.

But mostly, I just want a Gators win. Boring wins still count.

Here are my 25 predictions for Florida-Georgia.

  1. Florida will score at least 27 points.
  2. The teams will combine for at least 17 points in the first half.
  3. A team will lead by double digits at some point in the game.
  4. Luke Del Rio will complete more than 54 percent of his passes.
  5. Del Rio will commit at least one turnover.
  6. Jordan Scarlett will lead Florida in carries.
  7. Scarlett will also lead Florida in rushing yards.
  8. Florida’s running backs will gain more than four yards per carry.
  9. Antonio Callaway will not lead Florida in yards per catch.
  10. Callaway will have a reception of more than 30 yards.
  11. Florida will record no more than two touchdown passes.
  12. Florida will make a big play on special teams.
  13. Joey Ivie will have at least half a tackle for loss.
  14. Florida will record at least two sacks.
  15. Alex Anzalone and Jarrad Davis will combine for more than 12 tackles.
  16. Davis will record no more than six tackles.
  17. Marcus Maye will make a big play.
  18. Florida will record at least one interception.
  19. Florida will allow fewer than 335 yards.
  20. Florida will allow fewer than 21 points.
  21. Florida’s defense will allow fewer than 5.0 yards per play.
  22. Florida will force at least two turnovers.
  23. Florida will not win the turnover battle.
  24. Eddy Piñeiro will make a field goal of more than 40 yards.
  25. Florida will win, 30-17.

Your predictions and comments, as always, are welcomed. A reminder: Please be kind and treat your fellow commenters as you would your siblings.