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Florida moves up to No. 10 in AP poll; No. 9 in coaches’ poll

The Gators are a top-10 team now.

North Texas v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

In the last versions of the polls that will be released before the issuance of the first set of 2016 College Football Playoff Committee rankings, Florida moved up four places to No. 10 in the AP poll and up three places to No. 9 in the USA Today coaches’ poll. The Gators handled the Georgia Bulldogs this week, with a smothering defense and an offense that did just enough to help keep Florida in the driver’s seat in the SEC East.

As Andy detailed, Florida benefited this week from a few unbeatens incurring their first losses, and as he predicted, the Gators find themselves in the top 10 in both newly released polls. Florida has only unbeaten teams, one-loss teams with better losses, and two-loss Wisconsin ahead of them. Andy does a terrific job explaining that positioning, and how the Gators are likely to be situated in the first release of the College Football Playoff Committee rankings in this post; I won’t belabor those points, but will suggest that you read that.

The Gators find themselves the only SEC East team currently in the rankings, as Tennessee dropped out following its third straight loss. Elsewhere in the SEC, Alabama retains a firm grasp on the No. 1 spot in both polls, and Texas A&M — whose lone loss is to the Crimson Tide — inched up a few spots to No. 7 in both polls. Resurgent Auburn shot up to No. 11 in the AP and No. 12 in the coaches’. LSU also saw positive movement, rising five places to No. 14 in the coaches’ poll and four places to No. 15 in the AP poll.

Florida still has two opponents who are currently ranked remaining on their schedule. As of now, the Gators will finish their season on the road against ranked foes. LSU is up to No. 15 and No. 14, in the AP and coaches’, respectively. The Tigers will host Alabama this weekend. Florida State, taking over for Ole Miss as America’s favorite ranked three-loss team, dropped seven places in the AP poll and five places in the coaches’ poll to sit at No. 19 in both, after narrowly falling to Clemson at home.