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Florida vs. Arkansas: Reviewing our 25 predictions


NCAA Football: Florida at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for not getting this up sooner. You may have seen the news this week?

  1. Florida will score at least 28 points. Florida scored 10. Wrong.
  2. Both teams will score in double digits. Thanks, Eddy! Right.
  3. A team will lead by double digits at some point in the second half. It was Arkansas! Right.
  4. Luke Del Rio will throw for at least 175 yards. Del Rio actually threw for 229 yards, which seems utterly absurd this far removed from last Saturday. Right.
  5. Del Rio will commit no more than two turnovers. He only threw two picks! Right.
  6. Jordan Scarlett will lead Florida in carries. Scarlett had five. This led all Gators. The running game should perhaps have been utilized more. Right.
  7. Scarlett will also lead Florida in rushing yards. Mark Thompson: Three carries, 19 yards. Wrong.
  8. At least one Florida running back will run for more than five yards per carry. Thompson went for 6.3 yards per carry, thanks to that long run on a third-down draw. Right.
  9. Antonio Callaway will lead Florida in yards per catch and receiving yards. Josh Hammond had him on yards per catch, but he did win on receiving yards. Wrong.
  10. Tyrie Cleveland will have a reception of more than 40 yards. I mean, he could have, but... Wrong.
  11. Florida will record at least two touchdown passes. Hahahahaha. Wrong.
  12. Florida will record rushing and passing touchdowns. Hahahahahahahaha. Wrong.
  13. Caleb Brantley will record a sack. Brantley had half a sack, which I’m not counting because I meant at least a full sack. Wrong.
  14. Florida will record at least three sacks. Just one. Wrong.
  15. Alex Anzalone and Jarrad Davis will combine for more than 15 tackles. A week after his gutsy performance against Georgia, Davis had one before leaving with an injury. Anzalone had eight before leaving with his injury. Wrong.
  16. Daniel McMillian will have at least three tackles. McMillian played about as much as he ever has as a Gator ... and had two tackles. Wrong.
  17. Quincy Wilson will make a big play. Don’t think so. Wrong.
  18. Florida will record at least one interception. Duuuuuuuuuke! Right.
  19. Florida will allow fewer than 280 yards. Is 466 fewer than 280? No? Rats. Wrong.
  20. Florida will allow fewer than 20 points. Ha. Wrong.
  21. Florida’s defense will allow fewer than 5.0 yards per play. Haha. Try 6.2. Wrong.
  22. Florida will force at least two turnovers. Just the one! Wrong.
  23. Florida will win the turnover battle. Not at all! Wrong.
  24. Florida will not trail in the fourth quarter. Florida did not lead in the fourth quarter. Wrong.
  25. Florida will win, 34-17. I wasn’t that far off on the margin... Wrong.

Last week: 7-for-25, 28 percent
Season to date: 97-for-200, 48.5 percent