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Florida vs. Georgia: Reviewing our 25 predictions

So close to a great week.

NCAA Football: Georgia vs Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here are my 25 predictions for Florida-Georgia, reviewed.

  1. Florida will score at least 27 points. Just 24. If Eddy Piñeiro doesn’t miss that first field goal... Wrong.
  2. The teams will combine for at least 17 points in the first half. It was Florida 14, Georgia 10 at halftime. Right.
  3. A team will lead by double digits at some point in the game. Florida pulled away in the second half. Right.
  4. Luke Del Rio will complete more than 54 percent of his passes. Del Rio went 15-for-25. Right.
  5. Del Rio will commit at least one turnover. That pick! Ugh, that pick. Right.
  6. Jordan Scarlett will lead Florida in carries. Scarlett had 26, most by any Gator this year. Right.
  7. Scarlett will also lead Florida in rushing yards. Scarlett’s 93 yards were the majority of Florida’s total. Right.
  8. Florida’s running backs will gain more than four yards per carry. Not even close. Scarlett rushed for just under four yards per carry, but Lamical Perine was just over 2.0 yards per tote. Wrong.
  9. Antonio Callaway will not lead Florida in yards per catch. That was C’yontai Lewis. Because of course. Right.
  10. Callaway will have a reception of more than 30 yards. Callaway’s longest catch went for 21 yards and was Florida’s longest play of the day. Wrong.
  11. Florida will record no more than two touchdown passes. Del Rio threw just one. Right.
  12. Florida will make a big play on special teams. I can’t call a decent kickoff return a big play, but Chris Thompson was good as the kick returner. Wrong.
  13. Joey Ivie will have at least half a tackle for loss. Ivie only had one tackle, not for loss. Wrong.
  14. Florida will record at least two sacks. Florida had exactly two sacks. Right.
  15. Alex Anzalone and Jarrad Davis will combine for more than 12 tackles. Davis had seven and Anzalone had five, so come on. Wrong.
  16. Davis will record no more than six tackles. See above. Wrong.
  17. Marcus Maye will make a big play. Nah. Wrong.
  18. Florida will record at least one interception. Somehow, no. Wrong.
  19. Florida will allow fewer than 335 yards. Georgia had 164, or less than half that total. Right.
  20. Florida will allow fewer than 21 points. Uh-huh. Right.
  21. Florida’s defense will allow fewer than 5.0 yards per play. Just under 3.0 YPP, actually. Right.
  22. Florida will force at least two turnovers. Well, at least it didn’t matter. Wrong.
  23. Florida will not win the turnover battle. A 1-0 loss. Right.
  24. Eddy Piñeiro will make a field goal of more than 40 yards. Hit from 38. Wrong.
  25. Florida will win, 30-17. I basically nailed the margin. Wrong.

Last week: 13-for-25, 52 percent
Season to date: 90-for-175, 51.4 percent