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Weekend Open Thread: Good tidings

Enjoy your weekend. I’m gonna try to, too.

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

This is a somewhat rare Christmas weekend, with the eve and day falling on Saturday and Sunday for the first time in five years. It won’t happen again until 2022, as the cycle goes in five-, then six-year increments.

And with the NFL once again moving the bulk of its games to Christmas Eve to avoid competing with Christmas Day merriment on Sunday — something it has done throughout its history, making Santa Claus and/or the full weight of American capitalism one of the very few things that can make the NFL flinch — college football is more or less nonexistent this weekend, with just one bowl game happening in primetime tonight, and none being played on Sunday.

That means there will be precious little to write about this weekend, though I am publishing an open thread for tonight’s game, because I’m sincerely enjoying doing these shallow dives into the bowls, even though I’ve missed some. And, like hopefully many of you, I’m also spending time with gathered family members for one of the few stretches that is possible in a given year.

So, yeah, posting is going to be light. I still want to circle back to Florida’s men’s basketball recruiting, and to how the women’s basketball team has survived its barnstorming tour this fall, and there’s plenty of football recruiting to cover this week, as well as some previewing of the Outback Bowl, but there’s simply no reason — barring breaking news that I think is very unlikely — to write a bunch of stuff this weekend.

Here, instead of all that, is an open thread, and best wishes for you and yours this holiday season.