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“Tebow Pop Pass” grants Dontari Poe weighty NFL record

The Chiefs’ beloved big man made history on a play that will sound familiar to Florida fans.

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

You may have seen Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Dontari Poe throw a touchdown pass on Sunday Night Football last night. If you haven’t, you should:

And you should hear Chiefs announcer Mitch Holthus call it — “HUNGRY PIG IS PASSIN’!” — as well. But you should also be wholly unsurprised that Holthus calling it a “jump pass, Cam Newton-style” was citing the wrong inspiration for the play.

Naturally, it was Tim Tebow, the modern resuscitator of the jump pass, who inspired the Chiefs to let their hulking tackle toss it up, writes Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star.

The play that had the Chiefs laughing and the Broncos fuming?

Tebow Pop Pass. (Reid also referred to it in postgame interviews as “Bloated Tebow Pass.”)


Nice to reference the man who made the jump-pass popular, but kind of a letdown, right?

Mellinger suggesting that the Chiefs using an old Broncos quarterback’s name and one of his signature plays to wound the Broncos is a letdown puzzles me, but it’s nice to see that yet another facet of Tebow’s legacy is enshrined in football lore, and it’s dope as hell that it’s attached to something so petty as letting a 345-pound tackle become the heaviest player to throw a touchdown pass in NFL history in a 17-pound game in the fourth quarter, something firmly in keeping with Florida’s occasionally arrogant play-calling under Urban Meyer.

Former Tebow teammate Carlos Dunlap was impressed, too.