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Video: Will Yeguete and Patric Young reunite


patricyoung4 / Instagram

One of the things that made the 2014-15 Florida basketball team as special as it was — beyond the 30-game win streak, the undefeated campaign against SEC teams, the countless moments of in-game greatness, and the Final Four trip — was its love. That love suffused a team as tight as any could be, and made those Gators as close to my platonic ideal of a team as any I have ever followed.

No one better exemplified that love than Will Yeguete and Patric Young, sometime roommates and always best friends who bonded over shared faith and joie de vivre over the course of their time in Gainesville, and became best friends so notorious that seeing one without the other was seeing half of a whole.

Since their departure from Florida, both Yeguete and Young have begun professional basketball careers. But Pat has played his ball in the United States, while trying to make an NBA roster, and in Turkey, while kicking off what could be a fine international career. Will returned to his native France, where he's been the same sort of glue guy he was for the Gators.

I don't think either one has seen the other in person in months, maybe more than a year. And that is what makes Young's Instagram video of them reuniting this Friday in Greece so beautiful.

When you get reunited with you boy!! @lethrill15 gatorboyz in Greece. #Gatornation

A video posted by Patric Young (@patricyoung4) on

If you don't love that, may your heart grow.