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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. VII

I mean, it's not like Florida basketball is likely to make us jump for joy.

Keanu Neal, floating.
Keanu Neal, floating.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


I swear this is really going to be a weekly, no quotes, feature from here on in. I've been kinda under the weather of late (as has leli), which is part of why posting has been reduced, but with spring football just days away, the NFL Combine wrapped, and Florida's men's and women's basketball teams playing for their postseason futures this week, there's plenty to talk about right now.

As usual, this is an open thread, so feel free to chat about whatever you'd like, keeping in mind our informal rules and guidelines of discussion.

Some suggestions:

  • Would Florida beating Kentucky tonight make for a successful season? (It probably gets the Gators into the NCAA Tournament for certain.)
  • Spring practice starts in less than a week and I haven't written anything substantive about Florida football since just about National Signing Day. Whoops. Some of that is forthcoming (I'm wrapping the Recruiting Reviews this week, hopefully, and will have a projected depth chart shortly after), but what would you like to read and know? (Keep in mind: Practices are closed to non-media, and I'm not particularly eager to trade my standing as a "pure" fan for that access.)
  • How upset are you going to be when Vernon Hargreaves doesn't end up on your NFL team? I'm not looking forward to that.
  • Better team: Florida baseball or Florida softball?
  • Is there a way to end an addiction to Metal Gear Solid V that I don't know about?

And: My best wishes to all of you.