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Quiz: How well do you know Florida's phenomenal baseball and softball aces?

Can you match the Gators' hurlers to their ridiculous stats?

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Florida's stick-and-ball sports have started their 2016 seasonsabout as well as could be expected: The Gators are the nation's unanimous No. 1 team in both baseball and softball, with a 7-1 record and a road series win at No. 10 Miami in the former and a 16-0 record and three wins over top-15 teams away from Gainesville in the latter. (Florida lacrosse is also unbeaten and No. 3 nationally, and taking on No. 2 Syracuse on the road at this very moment, but that's kinda different.)

Kevin O'Sullivan and Tim Walton have created juggernauts at the plate, in the field, and on the mound during their time at Florida, but there's never been quite such a surfeit of aces on Gators diamonds as there is right now. While Walton's trio of junior Delanie Gourley, sophomore Aleshia Ocasio, and freshman Kelly Barnhill have combined to hold every Florida opponent to two or fewer runs, juniors A.J. Puk and Logan Shore have picked up where they left off and appear likely to be first-rounders in the 2016 MLB Draft — and still might be getting upstaged by sophomore Alex Faedo, who has been sensational as a Sunday starter.

I looked over their stats this weekend and thought it might be fun to play a guessing game, so I used the SB Nation quiz generator and came up with a plan. In this quiz, you'll be asked to match Florida's six primary starting pitchers — my apologies, Dane Dunning — to their ERA, batting average allowed, and strikeouts per out. (I used strikeouts per out because baseball and softball have different innings lengths, which would have made K/9 and K/7 apples and oranges, and used strikeouts per out instead of strikeout rate or K% basically because I am stupid.)

Good luck. You will need it: I wouldn't have gone six for six on my first go, and that Need Hint? button won't give you any of the help you seek. (Unless you beg me, I guess, and I change the quiz.)