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Florida's Austin Hardin, Travaris Dorsey to transfer, according to reports

Getting buried on a depth chart will do that to you.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Florida redshirt junior kicker Austin Hardin and redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Travaris Dorsey will transfer, according to Sunday night reports on Hardin and Dorsey by Scout's Bob Redman.

For Hardin, the transfer comes as the expected outcome of a 2015 season in which his inconsistency and inability to get his kicks up above the rush of a defensive line infuriated Florida fans and led to snark from coach Jim McElwain, and created the conditions for JUCO kicker Eddy Pineiro's commitment to be received with vociferous enthusiasm.

I was told in January that Hardin's days with Florida as a kicker were done, but I never got a second source to corroborate that, and held off on reporting it because I was told it was also possible that Hardin would simply be quitting football. If Hardin transfers, we're going to see what school is desperate enough for a kicker to spend time and effort on recruiting a player who was 16-for-36 on field goals in his Florida career.

Redman writes that Dorsey "was expected to challenge for playing time or possibly a starting spot at guard for Florida in 2016." Dorsey did play in 10 games as a backup in 2015, but earned no starts, and was well behind at least returning starter Antonio Riles, Jr. at guard, and likely behind Tyler Jordan, likely to see time at center and guard, as well.

And with redshirt freshmen Nick Buchanan and Brandon Sandifer — both recruited under the McElwain regime, as opposed to Dorsey's provenance as one of the players in Will Muschamp's last full class of recruits — likely in the mix in spring camp, it seems possible that Dorsey saw diminished playing time in his future.