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Florida's new football hype video is here to continue the story

These videos are incredible.

Man, could this offseason possibly be dragging on any slower, Florida Gators fans?

At least we have plenty to look forward to next season, which means there will be plenty of hype videos from now until opening day.

I could sit here say plenty of things about how inspirational this particular video is, and how excited you should be for the 2016 season, but I'll let the geniuses who created it to do that themselves.

Chapter two.

If you've made it to this point, there was something in chapter one that sparked your interest.

2015? Yeah, we sparked your interest.

Chapter one wasn't without conflict, without struggles. But we have endured.

We are learning once again what it takes to win.

Our cover? It's stronger, more rigid.

And our spine? It will define strength of character.

Our pages are fresh, crisp and ready for 2016.

Yes, we've introduced new characters. Characters that will only strengthen our story, and our commitment to finish.