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Florida commit Jake Allen throws footballs with jetpack on in trick shot video

I have no idea why this exists.

Bleacher Report

It sure is a good thing Bleacher Report spends money on videos of high school athletes doing inexplicable things. Otherwise, how would this video of Florida quarterback commit Jake Allen throwing footballs while hovering with a jetpack?

In the video, Allen — who says "You literally feel like Iron Man" while wearing the jetpack and strapped into the "flyboard" that provides the base for him to stand in midpair — hits targets on a beach, over a boat (!), and on a moving jet ski.

While the video is almost certainly heavily edited, and I can't imagine Allen or any other human being perfectly accurate while throwing footballs with a jetpack engaged, he acquits himself fairly nicely with just arm strength, as he's largely unable to torque his legs into any throwing motion.

Of course, it helps that his St. Thomas Aquinas teammate Trevon Grimes, considered one of the best wide receivers in the class of 2017, tags along and makes a couple of spectacular leaping catches off the jet ski.

In summation, it must be pretty cool to be famous at 17.