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Florida's Treon Harris, Antonio Callaway suspended, not with team since January

"That's the last we'll talk about that," Florida's coach said repeatedly.

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Florida's Treon Harris and Antonio Callaway are suspended, a Florida spokesman told Jordan McPherson of The Independent Florida Alligator. Jim McElwain told reporters at a Tuesday press conference that Harris and Callaway were "not with the team" on the eve of the Gators beginning spring practice.

McElwain said both players haven't been with Florida's team since January, and are "still taking care of some schoolwork and other stuff," but refused to elaborate on their status, including on whether they'll rejoin the team by the end of spring practice.

"That's the last we'll talk about it," McElwain said of both players' status, repeating variations on that phrase four times over the course of his press conference before eventually conceding "I don't know" to a question about whether they could return by the end of spring practice.

Rumors of potential legal trouble for both players surfaced in January, and persisted into February — flaring up again when a photo of several Florida quarterbacks without Harris prompted rumors that he would be switching positions.

Back then, I was told not to read too much into the picture — at least in regards to a potential position change:

I reached out to a source last night to check on whether Harris had, in fact, moved to receiver, and was told not to read too much into the picture.

Given that McElwain asserted that Harris could "possibly" return as a quarterback if and when he rejoins the Gators, it would seem that reports of his position change may have been premature — or missing the point entirely.

Per Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times, Callaway remains enrolled as a full-time student at Florida, but there's no update from that side on Harris.

Rivals writer Landon Watnick, meanwhile, was told that both players remain enrolled.